We are jumping for joy that our Youth Forum project has been selected as one of the selected Co-op Local Community Fund project this year. We would like to engage with the youth of Sandbach to give them a voice in what happens, what activities they would like to be available and provide them with the opportunity to design and run their own event. Please select us on you membership causes page.

Spooky Saturday will be held on 30th October at St. Marys Church Hall, Sandbach (just off the cobbles). The event starts at 4pm till 6pm and is free. We have lots of fun activities for children and look forward to seeing you there! To find out more email us : or call us : 01270 750482

We recently became aware that people were finding the decline in the appearance of the cemetery distressing when visiting their loved ones. Being the forward thinking, proactive community organisation we are, we decided we should initiate the re-creation of the Friends of Sandbach Cemetery (FOSC) to work with Orbitas and ANSA to bring the cemetery back to it’s former glory and maybe one day, apply for the green flag status again. If you can spare 2-3 hours a month, enjoy

Sandbach Partnership have played a key role in supporting Grass Roots Disability Sandbach as they complete another phase of the ‘Drop Kerb’ project in Sandbach town centre. Grass Roots Disability Sandbach continues to progress since being set up in September 2015. The group was started by Craig Bayley (chairman) a local disabled resident with the help and guidance of Dot Flint (Chair of Sandbach Partnership). Over the last few weeks we have seen the completion of the 2nd phase of our project