In accordance with its constitution, the Sandbach Partnership Management Team (“SPMT”) meets on a monthly basis to discuss progress of its objectives and projects. SPMT is considered quorate when at least one third of its members are present (see constitution clauses G(ii) & J(iii)).

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the Partnership Forum are held in October each year (aligned to clause P(i) of the constitution). The AGM is open to all members of the Partnership and, interested parties are able to attend.

SPMT are required to keep minutes of the proceedings at its meetings (see clause J (v)). In the interest of transparency in its operations, together with any operational sub-committees, SPMT choose to make minutes publicly available.

*Sandbach Partnership was non-operational for the majority of 2022/23 due to the resignation of the incumbent Management Team in February 2022. Subsequently, a recruitment campaign was undertaken and new officers were appointed in November 2022.

Previous years’ meeting minutes are available on request by emailing

Sandbach Partnership