Market Square Redevelopment

/Market Square Redevelopment

The cobbled Market Square in the centre of Sandbach is a key feature of the heart of the town, and houses the famous Saxon Crosses. A key success of Sandbach Partnership was the extensive renovation of the square in 2009 that has helped to transform the area into a vibrant heart of the town and community, reclaiming the area for people and helping to introduce a programme of events that is fast developing into a site for all manner of community activities, from a regular Farmer’s Market to Rock Concerts, Folk Music and Morris Dancing.

The revamped square was opened with a grand opening event in July 2009 with a large turnout: much fun was had by all, right throughout the day and long into the evening. That success has subsequently been steadily built upon and a calendar of lively events and cultural displays is developing that will ensure that the square is put to its full potential and is used as often as possible for local events and showcasing local talent.

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