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Sandbach’s first Repair Café is here!

UK households generated 222.2 million tonnes of total waste in 2018 (source: With a focus on waste reduction, we hope that we can have a small impact with this proposed new initiative, whilst also sharing skills and enhancing community cohesion right here in Sandbach.

The Repair Café Sandbach will be affiliated with Repair Café Wales (as there is no organisation for England), where Sandbach has already been listed as a location.

Check out the upcoming sessions on our events page!

Get involved

If you enjoy meeting people, tinkering or are a skilled individual with some spare time, we would be grateful of your support in facilitating our repair stations.

We  have a great selection of volunteers from across the town but are always open to an extra pair of hands. As a volunteer you do not need to be at all events and any time you volunteer is gratefully received.

Click the button below to register as a volunteer today, complete your details and select ‘Sandbach’ as your location.

What’s the plan

We are in the process of securing venues, which we hope will be in 3 or 4 rotated locations on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Depending the skills available from our volunteers, possible repair services could range from re-attaching those missing buttons, computer diagnosis to bicycle repairs and much more (further details to follow).

The cafés are aiming to be up and running from September and we are looking forward to getting to grips with your items.

If you have any questions about this initiative please contact

Sandbach Partnership