Craig Bayley 17th September 1979 to 9th January 2022

//Craig Bayley 17th September 1979 to 9th January 2022

We are truly saddened to announce that Craig Bayley sadly passed away on 9th January 2022.

When Craig achieved his degree from South Cheshire College, which he was extremely proud of, he joined an organisation called Disability Resource Exchange as a volunteer. During this time he took on the role of advisor and was tasked with visiting organisations and businesses offering guidance. Craig remained in this role for around 6 years, until sadly the funding was withdrawn and it was forced to close its doors.

Craig joined the Partnership about 8 years ago, after meeting Dot Flint at a Sandbach Today Event. Craig was representing Disability Resource Exchange, where volunteer for 6 years until sadly the funding was withdrawn and it was forced to close its doors.Joining the Partnership provided Craig with the opportunity to implement one of his life-long ambitions of setting up a Disability Group for people in and around Sandbach, resulting in the formation of Grassroots Disability.

The Partnership and many other organisations in and around Sandbach came to rely on Craig as their local advisor on projects that were being undertaken. Craig was instrumental in many aspects of the renovation of Sandbach Park and many other projects in Sandbach, including the dropped kerb programme.

Sandbach Partnership and Grassroots Disability were not only an interest for Craig, they were a vessel in which he became a very active member of his community, bringing representational change from the ground up and making the community accessible for all, something that he remained vehemently passionate about.

Craig had a very sharp sense of humour, he was incredible quick witted and would find the funny side of everything.

Craig was a real inspiration to many of us, he never complained or saw his disability as holding him back, whatever he did he always did it with fire in his heart and a smile on his face.

Rest in Peace Craig. You were an exceptional person who will be greatly missed by so many.

We ask the public for patience and understanding while we come to terms with the loss of this exceptional man.

Sandbach Partnership