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Paths Project

The paths project in the park started in 2015 with the upgrade of the path leading down from Adlington drive into the park, funded with a small amount from CEC park development fund. The path benefited from levelling which alleviated the problems the public had in the winter with ice, the path was a real hazard.

In 2016, using Section 106 funding, the path leading across the bottom of the park passed the pond area was widened and levelled, this ensured the path was accessible and alleviated the drainage problem on that path.

The main project for 2018 will be to redesign the path from the MUGA to the pond area. Currently, this path is not accessible for wheelchair users or pushchairs, the project aims to redesign the area with a DDA compliant path, seating and picnic areas.

The project will be funded by Sandbach Town Council with money they have in reserve for Sandbach Park. Once the project is completed the local running group, Striders, are going to coordinate a junior park run on Saturdays mornings in the park.

Wild Flower Area

Working with ANSA, Friends of Sandbach Park and Cheshire East Council the Partnership is planning to develop a wet area at the bottom of the park into a Wild Flower Area. Cheshire Wildlife Trust is advising what should be planted there, they have taken soil samples and will advise on what native plants would do well.

Telephone Kiosk

The Telephone kiosk was removed from Platt Ave in April 2016 as part of the BT adopt a kiosk scheme, the Partnership got involved as a direct response to pubic requests to save the kiosk.

The kiosk, a K6 designed by designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the coronation of King George V in 1935, has under gone a total refurbishment starting with a complete sandblast to remove all the old paintwork. CEC Care4force who support individuals to get back to work, restored it to its former glory using an authentic paint and glaze kit purchased by the Partnership from a specialist company.

The refurbish kiosk was then installed in Sandbach Park in Spring 2017, a public consultation was held over the summer to get ideas on what the public would like the kiosk to be used for, ideas that are feasible are:

  • Library – book swap. The option here is to provide a box with a “take one and bring on “sign, a few books to start and see how it evolves.
  • Information Point -Local Events and group advertisements.
  • Borrow an umbrella – Invest in a few brightly coloured umbrellas with Sandbach park printed on, then see if the scheme works.
  • Map of Sandbach park

Defibulator – This has been suggested by several people, However, since the consultation Cheshire fire Authority have install one outside the Fire Station adjacent to the Kiosk.

The next steps will be to refurbish the inside and this will commence in Spring 2018 with the help of Care4force.

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