Repair Cafe Sandbach

//Repair Cafe Sandbach

Date: Saturday 20 July 2024

Time: 11am until 2pm

Location: St Peter’s Church Hall, Elworth, Sandbach

Our volunteer fixers are looking forward to welcoming you to the next Repair Café Sandbach.

Continuing on from our 2023 success, the Repair Café will run 3rd Saturday of the month at St Peters’ Church Hall, Elworth which has ample parking and good disabled access.

Repair Cafés are all about repairing things. You bring your broken items from home and our Fixers, who are unpaid local volunteers, will try and repair your item. You are invited to watch the repair, allowing you to take away not only your repaired item but a new shared skill!

This session will also feature the Toy Swap Shop giving the younger members of our community the opportunity to refresh their toy collection. Great for the environment and your pocket!

It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and/or home bake.

Anything in need of repair (other than microwaves, white goods or safety items i.e. car seats) is welcome and can usually be repaired by Repair Café volunteer specialists, including clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, bags/luggage, computer tech, toys, et cetera.

Repairs are free of charge (unless parts are required) and completed on ‘best effort’ basis.

We are looking to add to our merry band of volunteer fixers and hosts. If you would like to know more, have any questions or would like to book a repair in advance please contact

Repair Café Sandbach is affiliated with Repair Café Wales.

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